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New Player Info Guide

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Welcome to L2Midnight! As a new player here, you are sure to have many questions. We respect your play time and that you may be hunting for just the right server for you and your friends and would like some quick answers. If you are looking for information on how to connect to the server, you can find it here.

At this time the L2Midnight Team consists of GMs that are also Admins on this server. While we try to monitor player activity and questions, we are also hard at work continually updating and enhancing the server. If you have a question that can't be answered by player's , and it technically isn't a question that only a GM can answer, try asking your questions in shouts. You will find the player community very friendly and helpful on L2Midnight. Please also be mindful that it is generally not the responsibility of GMs to help you learn about typical gameplay. These questions would more appropriately be asked of your fellow players.

An example of questions that are more appropriate for the player community rather than asking a GM:

What's a better class Abyss Walker or Treasure Hunter?
Do I need to create both a warsmith (crafter) and bounty hunter (spoiler)?

Sometimes you may have questions that other players might also want to know the answer to. Unless you require an immediate answer, please consider posting your question on the forums in the Help & Support section.

Server Rules

You can find the Rules outlined in both the Forums and the Server:

* on Forums: click here

Forum Tips

New posts: As you browse through the forums, new posts are indicated by a pulsating globe on the left-hand side. Sometimes you may miss new posts at a glance; try clicking on the link at the top left-hand corner "Show unread posts since last visit"

New Private Messages: At the top of the page in the left-hand corner, the very first line will tell you how many private messages you have and how many of them are unread. Click on it to be taken to your Inbox.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These are the topics. Scroll down for the answers.

* How long have you been up?
* How many accounts can I have?
* Is this a Donation server?
* Are s80 items available in game yet?
* What core are you running?
* How many subs (subclasses) can I have?
* Player ages
* Where are players from?

FAQs ~ Answers

How long have you been up?

L2Midnight is in test

How many accounts can I have?

You can have a maximum of three accounts, but are only allowed to play two of your accounts online at a time. This may change in the future if we receive enough donations to upgrade the server.

Is this a Donation server?

This is a free server. You do not have to pay anything to play here. However, there are costs involved in maintaining, updating/upgrading the server. We will happily accept any amount you are willing and able to donate to this cause.Please ask GMs.

Are s80 items available in game yet?

Yes the weapon quests work As for armors quests we are in the process of working and they will be implemented soon.

What core are you running?

Before going live, we tested many cores. We have found L2J to be the most stable and dedicated towards updating. For the current version number, check the top of your chat window when you log in.

How many subs (subclasses) can I have?

You can have up to 20 subclasses. As of writing this New Player Info Guide, there are restrictions on certain races that are imposed by L2. We are currently looking into changing this.

Player ages

While this question isn't really relevant to game play, we do notice that it is commonly asked. This can, of course, change over time. But as it stands right now, the average ages appear to be mainly 20 to 30 with players younger and older.

Where are players from?

L2Midnight is an international server in that we welcome players from all countries. We ask that all players speak English in shouts so that we can maintain ongoing effective communication. Currently we see players from Romania, Poland, Canada, US, Russia, Germany, Greece, Faroe Islands, England, Argentina. I may have missed some.

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