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1. Respect.
First of all, respect the server staff. Each and every member of the team is here of his / her own free will with the aim of providing you, a fun game. With that said, there are to be:

- No threats, insults, spreading unsubstantiated rumors about staff members in shout, trade, clan / ally or other chat channels.
- No staff impersonation. Do not pose as a staff member and lead others to believe you are.

Remember, respect does not mean “kissing ass" . Use common sense and judgement.

2. Account information.
Do not give out your account information to anyone. Staff members do not need information and while they may as for your login name they will NEVER ask for your password. You are responsible for all actions with respect to your accounts. If you give out this information to anyone then you are responsible for what they do. So do not share your accounts with anyone, not ever.

3. Personal Information
Do not give out any personal information. If you are a minor (under the age of 1Cool playing here and another player asks for your personal information (such as where you live or for real life meeting), you should immediately inform both the server staff and your parents. While we are unable to police this matter effectively, you can and we advise you to speak with your parents and/or local authorities when issues of child predators arise. You are your own best method of controlling such matters and your parents are the most effective means of addressing the issue.

4. No begging / spam trading with other players / staff members.
In general, spam trading is defined as requesting a trade with a player that has no intention of trading you. No player may open a trade or party request with a GM / staff member; the GM / staff member must open the window first.

5. No pets in town.
This includes all pets, collar and summon types, but does not include cubics. This is due to it causing lag issues.
Exceptions: If you are killed while mounted on a pet and are resurrected in the nearest city / clan hall, please try to un-summon the pet as quickly as possible.
Summoning pets in town is also allowed when talking to a pet manager with the aim of evolving it. After evolution is complete, it should be un-summoned as soon as possible.

6. Cursed Weapons.
Such weapons, if in your possession, can be used on boss and Primeval Island mobs at your own discretion.

7. Ban, Jail, and other punishments.
All punishments are to be discussed directly with the staff member who imposed it IN PRIVATE. They are not to be discussed in chat, forum posts or threads. Doing so will open you up to further punishments as well as the full details of your offense being made public. Public release is limited to the type of offense, what punishment was given, and who gave the punishment. If you are unaware of who imposed the punishment, then you can submit an in game petition (if not banned) or forum PM to a staff member.

8. Illegal access.
Logging into the server on another account while effectively banned, will result in a permanent IP ban. If you wish to discuss the ban, you must do so from out of game.

9. Lowlie hunting by high level players is forbidden.
A Lowlie is considered to be any character that is 30 or more levels below yours. A Lowlie is also any character who is below level 15 when your toon is between level 30 - 40. Incidents involving characters below level 15 killed by players above level 52 may be severely punished. Incidents involving a player using a Lowlie character to intentionally get another player in trouble will result in severe punishments which may include extended jail time, loss of character and / or accounts, temporary / permanent IP ban.

10. Dual boxing is allowed.
Dual boxing is defined as one player controlling 2 ingame characters at the same.
Control of 3 or more characters is forbidden.
Dual boxing in Olympiad and events is also forbidden
(Pm an admin if u play under router. Thanks)

11. GM characters are not to be discussed by the players.
Players found to be passing around the names of GM controlled game characters, be it correct or incorrect, will be punished. This creates an unfair implication of bias as well as an unfair treatment of the character by the player community. By default all such characters are not a GM, and no player shall spread rumor or gossip of any character being a GM. Remember that the GMs / staff members are generally L2 enthusiasts who sometimes also need to play.

12. Poaching
Spreading rumors about this server or actively recruiting players for other servers is strictly forbidden. While the staff tolerates a certain degree of comments aimed at comparing this server to others, active actions aimed at discrediting our efforts or chasing away our player will be severely dealt with.

13. Clan Halls / Castles.
Clan halls are the private home of player clans. As such these are off limits to non-clan members without a formal invitation of the owning clan. This also applies to Castles and Contestable Clan halls when not actively in a siege period.

14. Clans
The Clan Leader of a clan is entirely responsible for the conduct of all clan members. As such, repeated failure to observe the rules by any given clan member or failure to take corrective measures when cautioned by a staff member will result in punishments for both the clan member and clan leader

15. Naming Convention
It is forbidden to create and name characters / clans / alliances using vulgar / offensive / racist / sexual names. All such, will automatically be renamed by server staff without notice. Players found creating character names which mislead other players into believing they are a member of the staff will face severe punishments.

16. Accounts
Each player is allowed a maximum of 3 game accounts per IP. In case a player is caught with more than 3 accounts, all in excess will be deleted. Accounts will be deleted on a random basis.

We acknowledge the fact that players might be using a router with 2 (or more) active players playing from the same IP (internet caffee, gaming club, household). In all such cases, a staff member should be contacted and informed about this. Failure to do so will result in the punishment above.


1. Wall Shooting.
Wall shooting is prohibited. This action is defined as intentional attacking of mobs / player characters through walls, floors and solid objects. This information is recorded and if reported, will be checked. Guilty players may suffer severe punishments.

2. False Reporting
Intentional false reporting of other player’s misdemeanors is prohibited. Unsubstantiated reports are also forbidden. These include false wall shooting reports, false reports for use of client modifications / external programs. All reports should be factual, with screen shots / movies where applicable. Remember, the server has logs that can be checked!

3. Exploiting Bugs
Intentional exploitation of a known or obvious bug to gain unfair advantage over one or more players is punishable. Failure to report bugs immediately so they can be fixed also warrants serious punishment. Players found to have exploited bugs intentionally and then reported them are guilty and may still be punished. Any exploits found should be reported to the staff immediately and not be made public on the forums or elsewhere.

4. Hacking the server
Attempting the hack the server, be it game, database, or active server machine is a criminal action. This data is all logged and when a person is found to do this they will not only be permanently IP banned but the evidence will be turned over to the competent authorities for further action Just because you live in another country does not mean you can escape punishment. Play fair or you will not play here at all.

5. Scamming
You are solely responsible for anything you freely give to other players and all transactions you make through using the in game trade function. As such, the server staff will not replace any items lost to scammers due to your negligence to detail. Scammers are a daily occurrence in Lineage 2.
However, scamming performed through posing as a staff member or through offering of exploiting or cheating will be punished harshly. This may include delevelling, jail time and bans depending on the severity of the offence.

6. Geodata
Exploitation of all geo data issues / bugs is punishable.

7. Sieges
Logging out inside siege grounds to gain access to siege those grounds during a siege is considered an exploit and faces harsh punishment. When this involves a significant number of players from a single clan, the punishment may be extended to the entire clan and / or the clan leader.

8. Third Party Programs
The use of third party programs to automate / modify game play is strictly forbidden on this server. Any player found using tools will be immediately banned prior without notification.


1. Sales for real cash
It is strictly forbidden to sell in game items / accounts for real life cash. Players found violating this will be immediately banned without prior notification.

2. In game chat channels. Chat rules.
Use only English in Shout (!) and Trade (+) channels. Both are global. No spamming chat channels, use of abusive / obscene language or discrimination based on race/religion/sex, etc. All chat is monitored and recorded. Players found in violation will be punished. If u want to talk in a language other than English use pm (“) / clan (@) / ally chat ($). The hero chat channel is reserved exclusively use by hero characters.

3. Spamming
Do not spam the chat channels. Four (4) lines is the maximum allowed for advertising, no more than one set of four lines every three to five (3 -5) minutes. Abuse of this may result in a chat ban, jail time, or a temporary suspension of server access. Spamming a chat channel for any other purpose is also a violation of the rules and may result in these same punishments.

4. Petitions`
Petitions are primarily in English, and should contain all the available information that you have so that the server staff can help you in a timely fashion.

5. GM Chat
All private contact with a member of the GM staff is done through the Petition system. Do not ask a gm to pm you. Exceptions are if the GM contacts you first. Failure to obey this rule may result in your being ignored, chat banned, or jailed.

6. Chat monitoring
ALL chats may be monitored by the GM staff. While we do not normally monitor private conversations, please understand that it is possible and when required will be done. All chats are logged and reviewed on a regular basis. The server also monitors chat for specific types of violations and as such you may be flagged by the server as well.

7. Blocking others.
Do not set up private shops to block doorways, NPC's, Gate Keepers or stairs. Offenders can (and will be) be relocated by server staff. Upon repeated offence, more severe punishments may be imposed.


Events GM's assign rules on a per event basis. So be sure to pay attention to the rules in game per event. No PvP / PK is allowed at an event unless otherwise stated by GM holding the event.
The decisions of the Event GM are final and binding to all event participants. No player can question such decisions.


1. Do not interfere in any way with player affairs unless it is observed / reported that they are breaking the rules.

2. Do NOT show any favoritism towards any single player (or group of players).

3. Do NOT make unauthorized transactions with a player, especially giving out adena / items/ others.

4. Do NOT use your GM powers to help a player.

5. Treat all players with respect, and they will reciprocate.

6. Remember you are here to help players that are stuck because of game related problems. You are NOT the entertainment or a helpdesk for general computer questions.

While these rules do not claim to cover all aspects of the game play, please be advised to use your common sense and judgment when playing here. Remember that you are part of a large community that is trying to enjoy a game just as much as you are.

CAUTION: The server team reserves the right to change / modify / supplement these rules without prior notice so please check this section regularly. Not knowing a rule is not an excuse.

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