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Server tweaks in Your favour.

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1Server tweaks in Your favour. Empty Server tweaks in Your favour. on Sat Feb 07, 2009 2:23 pm


Hi gang.

Just to inform you of some important changes made today, based on player requests:

1. Dwarven recipe books have had their size increased from 50 to 150 slots. So crafters, you can now learn 150 mats / armor / weap recipes... Laughing

2. The option for withdrawal from Clan Warehouse by "authorized" clan members (with activated "Warehouse search" privilages) has been enabled. Clan Leaders, please be careful who you authorize! Lost / stolen items, due to your negligence, will not be restored! Exclamation

3. Drop rates for Beleth's Silver Dragons (from mobs) has been increased.

Thx all for choosing L2-Midnight. Enjoy... Very Happy

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